1860 Census


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Unlike the 1847 Wisconsin Territorial Census, the federal census of 1860 identified every individual in the township. In addition to name, the census listed dwelling and family numbers (merely a chronological sequence reflecting the route taken by the census taker), age, gender, color (if not white), occupation, value of real estate (usually head of household only), place of birth, marriage (if it occurred during the year), school attendance during the year, illiteracy, and other. Unlike the 1850 census, it also identified the post office district of residents and personal wealth (usually head of household only).

In addition to being indexed alphabetically, these records are also presented in the original page by page sequence, because the census sequence can offer clues about where families were living. While comparison with federal land patent records and period plat maps can identify the general location of many homesteads, families that do not appear in the land records can often be placed approximately by virtue of census sequence.

Microfilm of of the 1860 census records for Brown County is available at the State Historical Society library in Madison (M6531400).

These records have been transcribed and shared through the courtesy of Gary A. Tremble. Corrections and additions should be addressed to Bob Schuster at or at 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona, Wisconsin 53716.