School Census

For the Year Ending June 30, 1918
Disctrict No. 2
Town of Salem.
County of Kenosha

IMPORTANT: The school census must show the number of persons between four and twenty years residing in the district on the 30th day of June, 1918, except in cities of the first class, where the census is reported as of the 30th day of May, 1918.  By that is meant that you must include the name of all persons who have passed the fourth anniversary of their birthday, and have not reached their twentieth.  As soon as you have taken the school census you should make your annual report to the county superintendent of schools.  Copy the school census statistics on the blank pages provided for this purpose in the annual report blanks.  In case there is not sufficient room in the annual report blanks to write the names of all the childewn in the distrcit, fill out additional census form (Form No. 2), and attach them to the annual report.

The distrcit clerk should fill out two annual reports.  One should be sent to the county superintendent of schools between the 10th and 25th days of July, and the other retained in his possession.  The district slerk must keep one complete census list of all the children in the district (Clank Form No. 2) and give it to the teacher at the beginning of the school year, a list of the persons of school age residing in the district.

Lodges or boarders must not be enrolled in the shcool census of the district where they are merely lodging or boarding.  Neither must person of school age be so enrolled, who may be employed for a limited and reeasonably defninte time in one school district whose parents reside in another.

Persons of school age who devote a part of their time to service to pay for their board and lodging, while the remainder is spent in attendance at school, and who are actually residing in the district "for other, as a main purpose, than to participate in the advantages which the school affords," and those of shcool age who have no other legal residence are considered members of the families with whom they reside and schould be included in the district census.

Place an asterisk (*) opposite the line containing the name of a child who is deaf or blind.  Also write before the number whether the child is deaf or blind.

Names of parents of other persons with whom the children live PO address
(give street no or RFD route)
Distance from schoolhouse Names of children between 4 & 20 years Age in years Date of birth Sex Public school only Both public and parochial school Private or parochial school only
F. Schmallfeldt Salem R 29 1/2 George 18 1900/Sept/22 M X X X
same same same Elmer 13 1904/Dec/14 M X X X
same same same Irma 9 1908/Sept/23 F yes . .
J. Madden Salem 29 1/4 Emma 14 1903/Nov/21 F . yes .
same same same John 10 1907/Sept/5 M yes . .
C. Schultz Bristol 30 4 Claude 10 1907/Sept/8 M yes . .
A. Burdick Salem 29 1/2 Vera 17 1900/July/11 F X X X
H.E. McVicar Salem 29 1/2 Eddie 14 1903/Aug/14 M yes X X
same same same Arthur 6 1912/Jan/5 M yes X X
F. Johnson Salem 29 2 Eleanor unreadable 1905/Nov/15 F yes X X
J. Lynch Bristol 30 4 Marie 7 1910/Oct/4 F yes X X
same same same Jerome 6 1911/Nov/23 M X X X
same same same Frances 5 1913/Nov/8 F X X X
M. Reiter Bristol 30 4 Clarence 10 1907/June/21 M X yes X
same same same Leo 11 1906/Oct/22 M X yes X
same same same Antoinette 8 1909/Nov/10 F X yes X
same same same Catherine 6 1911/Sept/2 F yes X X
H. Rieter Salem 29 1/2 Harry 10 1907/Oct/8 M yes X X
C. Giglinski Salem 29 1/4 Lucille 4 1913/Aug/24 F yes X X
G. Walbert Salem 29 1/8 Clide 9 1908/April/7 M yes X X
same same same Andrew 4 1914/April/20 M X X X


. Boys Girls Total
No. of childre residing in the district 12 9 21
No. between 7 and 14 7 4 11
No. between 14 and 16 1 1 2
Attended both public and parochial school during the year 2 2 4
No. of such between 7 and 14 2 1 3
No of such between 14 and 16 0 1 1
No. who attended parochial school only 0 0 0
No. of such between 7 and 14 0 0 0
No. of such between 14 and 16 0 0 0
No. of children residing more than 2 miles from schold but not more than 3 . . 0
No. of schildren residing more than 3 miles from school . . 8

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