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Appearing on the inside page of the October 16, 1856, Dodge County Citizen was the announcement to the left. The announcement in itself is not remarkable. It is representative of hundreds of similar campaign announcements that appeared in the pages of the state's newspapers in the years before the Civil War.

What is remarkable is the fact that the event's top billing was given to a runaway slave, a   self-educated orator who was outspoken about the need to abolish slavery in the Union.

Only six years after the passage of the Fugitive Slave act and only two after the forcible release of another runaway slave, Joshua Glover, from the Milwaukee jail, the announcement is a testiment to the strong anti-slavery sentiment in the Dodge County area before the war.

Two partisan accounts of Douglass' visit survive in the rival Beaver Dam Newspapers, the Buchanan Democrats' Weekly Republican & Sentinal, and the Fremont Republicans' Dodge County Citizen.

While the texts of Douglass' addresses in Beaver Dam have not survived, the texts of the two local newspaper accounts follow.

"Mass Meeting in Beaver Dam," October 23, 1856, Dodge County Citizen

"The Beauties of Fred. Douglas," November 4, 1856, Weekly Republican & Sentinal