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Dodge County Local History Web


Wisconsin ands Minnesota State Gazetteer, 1865-66

Mayville, Dodge County
Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Albert [Gottlieb], wagon maker.
Andrae Julius, general merchant.
Bergaman Henry, tailor.
Childs, Warren & Co., dry goods, etc.
Foster John & Co., millers.
Haertt T., carriage and wagon maker.
Heithhousen D., general merchant and liquor dealer.
Kehners --, saloon and liquors.
Krolsing C. & Co., stoves and tin ware.
Meister Lewis, general merchant.
Moore & McClune, saw mill.
Nabor D. Iram, jr., dry goods, groceries, etc.
Nabor & Ruderbush, dry gooods, groceries, etc.
Neederman --, hotel and bakery.
North-Western Iron Co., Fred Wilkcs, agent.
Norton G. B. A., cabinet maker.
Philips J. & Co., cabinet makers.
Pulls D., prop'r hotel.
Ruderbush Henry, stoves and tin ware.
Schaefer P., prop'r hotel.
Sourherring Rudolph, druggist.
Traeger F., saddle and harness maker.
Traeger & Smith, tailors.
Wilson Arnold, bell maker.
Yorton, Henry, prop'r hotel.
Younker & Co., iron foundry.
Zerwas J., saloon.
Ziegler M., prop'r hotel.