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Brandon Cemetery is located in the Village of Brandon, Wisconsin. It is platted as the NE 1/4 of Section 35, Township 15 North, Range 14 East and is two blocks south of Main Street. The main gate is on Third Street. A segment of the farm owned by T. J. Norris was deeded to the village in 1865. David Norris, the son of Thomas J. and Eunice Norris, was the first person buried in the cemetery. He was killed on July 15, 1846, at the age of 15, on the journey from Milwaukee to the family's new farm in the town of Metomen. He fell and was run over by the wagon carrying the family's household goods.

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Schematic of the Cemetery
Schematic guide to the Brandon Cemetery used in these records.

Burial plots are identified here by section letter as illustrated in the map above. Within sections, they are identified by row and plot number. Rows are numbered from east to west within their sections. Plots are numbered from north to south within their rows.

Cemetery records are presented both alphabetically and by section. The records were compiled by Twilah DeBoer of Brandon in 1998 and are made available here through her generosity. She has also provided a list of the military veterans buried in the cemetery and a list of stones  identified by R. T. Elliot in 1982 but not located in 1998.