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Contributor: Loma Klossner
Source: Fairwater Historical Society, donated from personal collection


George C. Alborn, 1941

     Reverend George Alborn was pastor of the Fairwater Free Baptist Church from 1901 through 1904, in which capacity he supervised the construction of the Baptists' new church in 1903-04.
     Rev. Alborn, a graduate of Hillside College, a Free Baptist institution and the first college in Michigan to organize under the general college law in 1853, was a prolific and scholarly writer.
     Rhythms of Life, a collection of Alborn's poetry, is the only one of his publications known to have survived. It was published while Alborn lived at Green Lake.
     This copy of "Rhythms" is from the collections of the Fairwater Historical Society and was donated to the society by Loma (Knapp) Klossner.