Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin


The History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, published in Chicago by theWestern Historical Company in 1880, listed the names of the men credited to each of the county's townships for their military service during the Civil War. The following names were recorded for the town of Auburn in order of regiment and company. These lists are presented as published despite numerous attribution and typographic errors.


Downing, Charles E. 2nd Inf Co. K
Richmond, Anson S. 3rd Inf Co. A
Martifl, John 6th Inf Co. C
Durfy, Asa 6th Inf Co. E
Sanderson, Samuel 8th Inf Co. A
Cosentine, John T. 12th Inf Co. D
Gorden, Henry M. 12th Inf Co. D
Nash, Edwin 12th Inf Co. D
Norton, Vinal W. 12th Inf Co. D
Rand, Philander 12th Inf Co. D
Turner, Caleb 12th Inf Co. D
Wheeler, Frank B. 12th Inf Co. D
Rand, Philander 12th Inf Co. K
Mann, John B. 14th Inf Co. C
Brown, Henry 14th Inf Co. G
Brown, Orin 14th Inf Co. G
Burnett, Benjamin 14th Inf Co. G
Kelley, Michael 14th Inf Co. G
Lake, Benjamin 14th Inf Co. G
Lake, Marrion 14th Inf Co. G
Loomis, Henry 14th Inf Co. G
Rawson, Sibus 14th Inf Co. G
Sischo, Lezer 14th Inf Co. G
Tuttle, Edward 14th Inf Co. G
Flynn, Edward 21st Inf Co. A
Cosentine, William H. 32nd Inf Co. D
Durfy Asa. A 38th Inf Co. F
Cohn, Francis 2nd Batt Art NA
Burnett, James A. Unk Unk
Childs, Abram Unk Unk
Childs, Bordman Unk Unk
Hyde, Ransom Unk Unk
Lake, John Unk Unk
Lake, William B. Unk Unk
Miller, Amos H. Unk Unk
Miller, Dlaus Unk Unk
North, Charles Unk Unk
Sischo, Belgin Unk Unk
Williams, Demarieus Unk Unk
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