Town of Alto, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

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Hoftijzer, Willem: Most probably the Wm. Hoffenteuger of the 1847 Alto census. Willlem had only 1 son so the males fit. He had 3 daughters, one born in August 1847 in Alto, so two are missing (perhaps the two older girls were 'working out' as hired domestics?). Based on other documentation, Willem was in Alto in 1847 and this entry is the only one that could be 'read' to represent him. [submitted 4/22/1999 by Virgil Hoftiezer]

McElroy, James: Born in County Armagh, Ireland, October, 17, 1809, and settled on 160 acres in Alto in 1848. He married Harriet Elizabeth Taylor (born May 7, 1812, in Port Hope, Ontario; died January 31, 1894, in Waupun) on January 16, 1834, in Clarke Township, Ontario and died April 7, 1892 in Waupun. His children were Eliza (born January 17, 1835, in Hope Township, Ontario; married Lawrence Roney May 18, 1857, in Alto; died July 25, 1895), John William (born October 20, 1836, in Hope Township, Ontario; married Betsey Grider Jabuary 29, 1863, in Alto; died August 10, 1921, in Waupun), Robert Bruce (born February 4, 1839, in Whitby, Ontario; married Sarah Burnham October 31, 1860, in Trenton, Wisconsin; died May 5, 1932, in Erie, Pennsylvania), James Hill (born June 19, 1843, Whitby, Ontario; died July 15, 1845; buried Oshawa, Ontario), Harriet Elizabeth (born June 19, 1843, in Whitby, Ontario; died July 14, 1845; buried in Oshawa, Ontario), Martha (adopted; born March 28, 1844, in Darlington Township; married Seth Pond November 25, 1874), and Alan Thomas (born July 2, 1848, in Alto; married Louise Ackerman on November 25, 1878, in Trenton, Wisconsin; died July 26, 1933, in Waupun). For additional information on James McElroy, see the Alto biographies page and the McElroy family page on the Waupun site. [submitted 5/15/1999 by Bev McElroy]

Schreurs, Frederick Derk: Most probably the M.D. Scheurers of the 1847 Alto Census. The spelling of the last name varies in as many ways as there are documents. Frederick left Holland with 2 sons and 4 daughters. The 'missing' son may have stayed in New York or died en route to Wisconsin. He is not found in the 1850 census either. [submitted 4/22/1999 by Virgil Hoftiezer]

Wellhouse, H. J. or M.: The L. G. Wellhouse in the 1847 Alto census may represent either of the two sons in the Jan Wellhouse/Welhuizen family who apparently came to the U. S. ahead of the rest of the family. Jan Wellhouse and family (minus the two sons) arrived in New York on 1 Nov 1847 and thus had not yet arrived in Wisconsin by 1 Dec, 1847, the date of the Wisconsin Territorial census. The sons, H. J. [Henry John] Wellhouse and Martin Wellhouse were not with the family in New York (at least one of them arrived in Baltimore at an undetermined date), but were with the family in the 1850 census of Alto. It is possible, therefore, that  'L.G.' could in actuality be either an 'H. J.' or an 'M.' [submitted 4/22/1999 by Virgil Hoftiezer]

H. J. Wellhouse (H. J. Welhousen) arrived in Baltimore on April 27, 1847 on the Harvest which left Hellevoetsluis on March 9, 1847. This info from a passenger list transcription at http//www.macatawa.org/~devries/Harvest.htm . [Submitted  5/9/1999 by William Riedeman]

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