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Town of Alto, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin


Oak Mound Cemetery is located in section 14 of the town of Alto, adjacent to the Zion Congregational Church on County Highway EE, one mile north of the village of Alto. The deed for the cemetery property is dated  July 19, 1858.

The following records are provided through the courtesy of Virgil Hoftiezer. Records can also be viewed in row and plot sequence.

Barkelaar, Adolph 10F/2 old May 4, 1838-Jan 25, 1903
Barkelaar, Aleida 10F/3 old wife (of Adolph); Jan 4, 1849(or 40)-Feb 7, 1922
Barkelaar, father? 10F/1 old (may be marking Adolph's grave)
Barkelaar, mother? 10F/4 old (may be marking Aleida's grave)
Beernink, Antonia 5A/1 old w/o Gerrit; 22 Aug 1847-23 Apr 1875 (d/o Wm.& Jannetje Hoftiezer)
Berkelaar, Garret 16D/3 blank  
Bille, Ada 12B/4 new 1904- (nee:Welhousen)
Bille, Andrew 11D/2 new 1898-1978
Bille, Arthur 12B/3 new 1905-1986
Bille, Henrietta 11D/1 new 1901-
Bille, Henry 12B/1 new 1896-1970
Bille, Ruth 12B/2 new 1898-1974 (nee:Welhousen)
Boland, Engelbertus 6B/4 old 28 Mar 1806-1 Sept 1872
Boland, H. W. (child) 6C/2 blank  
Boland, infant 5D/4 none  
Boland, J. W. (Child) 6C/1 blank  
Boland, Sophia Catherine 5E/1 old 25 July 1851-3 June 1874
Boland, William 5E/2 old 1 Apr 1842-7 Apr 18--
Bykelaar, William 5F/1 none  
Damcot, G.J. (Gerrit Jan) 9A/1 old Mei 10, 1906;76 Jaren (20 Apr 1830-10 May 1907, from P. Kahler)
Damsteegt, Mary 13E/2 new 1951-
Damsteegt, Mylin M. 13E/1 new 1949-
DeBruin, John 3A/5 none  
DeBruin, John 3C/5 blank  
Degenaar, Henry 3C/2 blank  
Degenaar, Henry 3D/2 blank  
Degenaar, Henry 3E/2 none  
DeGroot, Adrian 4B/4 ? (1866-1885, from P. Kahler; s/o G.&J.)
DeGroot, Allen 9F/1 new 1886-1886
DeGroot, Gerrit Jan 4B/3 new June 14, 1823-Feb 29, 1896
DeGroot, Hendriena 9F/2 new 1853-1936
DeGroot, Henry B. 9F/3 new 1849-1926
DeGroot, Jannetje 4B/2 new Nov 25, 1826-Dec 8 1896 (w2/o Gerrit Jan)
DeGroot, John 4B/5 ? (1860-1870, from P. Kahler; s/o G.&M.)
DeGroot,Megchelliena 4B/1 new Dec 6, 1827-Apr 10, 1863 (nee:Welhousen; w1/o Gerrit Jan)
DeVos, J. 1A/3 none  
DeVos, J. 1B/3 none  
Duenk, Hendrik 6B/1 old 27 June 1860-12 Feb 1888
Duenk, Johanna 6B/2 old June 24, 1827-Jan 30, 1896 (or 95)
Duenk, John B. 6B/3 old Mar 25, 1819-Apr 28, 1898
Dusheck, Beverly 12F/3 none  
Dusheck, Philip 12F/2 none  
Freriks, D. 5E/3 none (? Derk, Jr.-b. abt 1859)
Freriks, Derk 5D/1 blank (? b. abt 1819)
Freriks, Johanna Berendina 5D/3 old 19 Nov 1821-19 Nov 1871; w/o Derk
Freriks, John 6D/1 blank (? s/o Derk, b. abt 1865)
Gantvoort, Hendrik 4F/1 none  
Gantvoort, Louise 4F/2 none  
Gantvoort, Mrs. H.J. 4E/2 none  
Gossink, John 9A/2 blank (Mar 6, 1834-Apr 25, 1915; Civil War vet, Pvt 45th Wis Inf, Co G; from P. Kahler)
Groenveld 4D/1 blank  
Gysbers, Arthur 12F/1 new 1886-1978
Hengeveld, Alice 10B/1 new nee:Ruitenberg; 1918-1979
Hengeveld, Gerrit 9B/3 old Father; Oct 29, 1858-Dec 8, 1828
Hengeveld, Garrit W. 10B/2 new 1893-1954
Hengeveld, H.J. 7D/3 old Dec 29, 1822-Nov 21, 1908
Hengeveld, Hendrika 7D/4 old June 21, 1817-Sept 12, 1883
Hengeveld, John 9B/1 old July 23, 1890-Apr 16, 1929
Hengeveld, Mother 9B/2 blank Mother
Herman, Earl 12C/1 none  
Herman, Grace 12C/2 none  
Hoftiezer, Garret 16D/1 blank  
Hoftiezer, Jannetje 5A/2 old w/o Willem; 19 Sept 1805-22 Oct 1885 (nee:DeVos)
Hoftiezer, Johanna 9E/1 old w/o Jan; Geb. 15 Aug 1862-Over. 2 Feb 1890 (d/o Herman & A. Kemink)
Jansen, 5 child markers-E. side 8B/1-5 blank (Lawrence? and Willie?, from P. Kahler)
Jansen (?), Dick - E. side 8B/6 blank  
Jansen, Hannah 2A/1 blank  
Jansen, Jay 2A/2 blank  
Jansen, Wilhelmina 8B/8 new 1855-1918
Jansen, Wm. F. 8B/7 new 1839-1919
Kasten, Aleida 7A/5 old 8 Nov 1813-22 Mar 1880
Kasten, William 7A/4 old 12 Oct 1814-25 July 1878
Kemink, Angeline 9D/3 new 1834-1923 (nee:Klompenhauer; w/o Herman)
Kemink, Herman 9D/4 new 1835-1898
Kemink, Manus 1B/2 blank  
Kemink, Manus 3A/6 none  
Kleinhesselink, Garret 3A/4 none  
Kleinhessenlink, Garret 3B/4 none  
Lammers, Anna 10C/5 old w/o Henry;1865-1935
Lammers, Henry 10C/6 old 1867-1962
Landaal (Juskow), Gena 7F/3 new 1890-1975
Landaal, Birdie J. 7F/4 new 1888-1987
Leonhard, Maud 12A/3 new 1892-1931
Lohouse, M. 4A/1 blank  
Lohouse, R. 1D/1 none  
Loomans, Bernice 13E/3 new 1917-
Loomans, Hildred 13E/4 new 1937
Meisen, John 3F/4 none (? John Menke, d. after 1850, from P. Kahler)
Miekens, H.L. 6C/5 old (? H.L. Menke, B. 14 Feb 18--, d. 30 Dec 18--, from P. Kahler)
Mose Vandersan 3B/1 none (? Vandesan, Mose)
Mulder(?), daughter 4F/3 blank  
Mulder, Jacob 4F/4 blank  
Oosterwyk, Martina B. 12E/2 new nee:Sanders; 1912-
Oosterwyk, Garret 12E/1 new 1905-
Oosterwyk, Lambertus J. 12E/4 new 1912-
Oosterwyk, Naomi R. 12E/3 new nee:Wagner; 1916-
Prange, Garret 3B/2 none  
Prange, Lena 4E/1 blank  
Respaije, Jan 1C/2 blank  
Respaije, Jan 4C/1 blank  
Reusink(?), Lena 8A/3 blank  
Reusink, A.J. 1A/1 none  
Reusink, Angelina 8A/2 old Mar 6, 1861-Dec 5, 1926 (w/o Henry B.)
Reusink, Garret 1A/2 none  
Reusink, Garret 1B/4 blank  
Reusink, Henry B. 8A/1 old Aug 22, 1844-May 23, 1912 (or 17)
Reusink, John Henry 3F/1 none  
Rikkers, Dorothy L. 11C/2 new 1906-1990
Rikkers, Dr. Layton 13D/1 none  
Rikkers, Edward 9C/3 old Apr 10, 1907; 2y, 2m OR Apr 10, 1873; 12y, 2m
Rikkers, Edward Hayes-east side 13D/3 new 1905-1991
Rikkers, Elizabeth 6C/3 old w/o Gerrit J.; Oct 15, 1817-Dec 10, 1874
Rikkers, father 9C/5 old Apr 15, 1917; 79 y, 3 m
Rikkers, G.J. (Gerrit Jan) 6C/4 old d. Feb 10, 1890; 75 y, 8 m
Rikkers, Grandfather 10C/3 old d. Aug 25, 1891; 78 y
Rikkers, Grandmother 10C/2 old d. Aug 8, 1887, age 88 (or 83) y
Rikkers, H. J. 9C/1 old d. 26 Apr 1865; 2y, 8m
Rikkers, Helga 13D/6 none  
Rikkers, Jane Tallmadge-east side 13D/4 new 1912-
Rikkers, Judson J. 11C/3 new 1911-1989
Rikkers, Judson, Jr. 14D/5 none  
Rikkers, mother 9C/4 old Dec 14, 1907; 60y, 5 m
Rikkers, Mrs. 13D/2 none  
Rikkers, Willie 9C/2 ? d. 16 June 1869; 1y, 8m
Rikkers, Winifred 11C/1 none  
Ruesink(?), A.R. 10E/1 blank  
Ruesink(?), unidentified 10E/2 blank  
Ruesink, A.J. 3C/1 blank  
Ruesink, A.J. 10E/3 old d. July 30, 1893; age 64 y, 9 m, 15 d
Ruesink, Aleida 10E/4 old d. Aug 29, 1891; 58 y, 5m, 22 d; w/o A.J. (nee:Klompenhauer)
Ruesink, Bartholomew 7A/3 none (19 Sept 1858-29 Oct 1898)
Ruesink, Dina 7A/2 old June 4, 1816-Feb 1, 1878
Ruesink, Henry J. 7A/1 old Jan 5, 1813-Jan 16, 1882
Ryer 4D/2 none  
Scheuers, Garrit 7C/1 old Gest. 12 Feb 1896; 64 Jaar
Scheuers, John 7C/3 old son (of G.&W.); 1869-1879
Scheuers, Wilhelmina 7C/2 old 1837-1906 (w/o Garrit; d/o Wm.& Jannetje Hoftiezer)
Schreuers, John 11F/3 new 1878-1953
Smith, Arnand 2C/1 old 1816-1906
Smith, Johanna 2C/2 old 1825-1886 (nee:Teerhuit)
Smits, Barent 6F/3 old B.S.O.
Smits, Elida 6F/2 old d. 2 Aug 1873 (or 78) (d/o B.&D.)
Smits, G.W. 10C/1 old Jan 13, 1831-Feb 13, 1912
Smits, Jane infant 6F/1 old d. 24 July 1878 (d/o B.&D.)
Somsen, Josiah 11D/4 new 1869-1949
Somsen, Lena 11D/3 new 1875-1961
Swienink 3F/2 none  
Terhorst, Jan (Infant) 2B blank  
Theune, Harold W. 12D/2 new 1903-1973 (8 Aug 1903-15 June 1973; WWII)
Theune, Marie 12D/1 new nee:Oosterwyk; 1910-
unidentifed, 7 markers 5F/2 blank  
unidentified 5D/2 blank  
unidentified 7D/1 blank  
unidentified 7D/2 blank  
unidentified 7E/4 blank  
unidentified 7E/5 blank  
unidentified 11F/1 blank  
unidentified 11F/2 blank  
unidentified 11F/4 blank 1857-1893
unidentified 16D/2 blank  
Van densan, Mose 3C/3 blank  
Van Hengel, Anna/mother 8C/1 new 1852-1916 (nee:Welhousen)
Van Hengel, Arnold 7E/1 new 1876-1885 (s/o G. & A., from P. Kahler)
Van Hengel, Arnold 7E/3 new 1885-1886 (s/o G. & A., from P. Kahler)
Van Hengel, Gerhard/father 8C/2 new 1843-1924
Van Hengel, John & William 7E/2 new 1877-1885 and 1880-1885 (s/o G. & A., from P. Kahler)
Van Spakern(?), 5 markers 6A/2 blank  
Van Spanker, Hattie 11B/2 new 1876-1924
Van Spankern, Arant 11B/3 new 1870-1936
Van Spankern, Henrietta 11B/1 new 1843-1924
Vande Ven, Rev. G.W. 5C/1 old (Rev. Cornelius; 25 Sept 1805-24 Aug 1871, from P. Kahler)
Vande Zande 4D/3 none  
Vanden Berg, Derk 1A/4 blank  
Vandenberg, Derk 3C/6 blank  
Vandersan, Albert 1C/3 blank  
Vanhouten, Anna 3A/3 new 1906-1962
Vanhouten, Jake 3A/2 new 1896-1979
Vanhouten?, Mother 3A/1 new 1843-1919
Walfoort, Barrent 3B/3 none  
Walfoort, Bart 3D/1 blank  
Walfoort, Bart 3E/1 none  
Walfoort, Bart 3F/5 none  
Walfoort, Bernet 1B/1 none  
Walfoort, Bert 1E/1 blank  
Walfoort, Dela 3E/3 none  
Walfoort, Garret 3E/4 none  
Walfoort, Garret 3F/6 none  
Weir, James A. 9D/1 new Father; July 7, 1873-May 31, 1940
Weir, Jennie 9D/2 new Mother; Sept 18, 1869-June 24, 1941 (nee:Kemink)
Welhousen, Alyda 12A/1 new 1900-1989 (d/o John J. & Grace)
Welhousen, Gezina A. (Aleyda) 7E/6 new Sept 18, 1827-Aug 1898 (nee:Damkot)
Welhousen, Henry 7F/1 new Sept 23, 1822-Mar 6, 1886
Welhousen, Johanna 12A/2 new 1900-1989 (d/o John J. & Grace)
Wellhausen 4C/2 none  
Wellhausen, Garret 3F/3 none  
Wellhausen, John 3C/4 blank  
Wellhouizen, Fred 5B/5 old Geb. 11 Jan 1856-Over. 12 Mar 1879 (s/o Maarten)
Wellhouizen, Maarten 5B/5 old Geb. 13 Feb 1816-Over. 1 Feb 1870
Wellhouse, Baby 11A/1 new 1906
Wellhouse, Eliza 11E/2 new Dec 31, 1861-June 7, 1936
Wellhouse, Garret 11E/3 new Apr 19, 1867-July 27, 1939
Wellhouse, Grace 11A/2 new 1867-1936 (w/o John J.; nee:Berkelaar)
Wellhouse, Henry J. 11E/1 new Oct 21, 1891-Nov 9, 1891;s/o Wm. & Nettie
Wellhouse, J. Henry 11E/1 new Oct 9, 1858-Mar 4, 1944
Wellhouse, Jacob 5B/1 old Geb. 31 Dec 1834-Gest. 8 July 1918
Wellhouse, Johanna Berdinna 5B/2 old w/o Jacob; Geb. 28 Apr 1836-Gest. 14 Nov 1895 (nee:Terhorst)
Wellhouse, John 11A/3 new 1856-1928
Wellhouse, John 5B/3 old d. Sept 21, 1869; 77 y, 1 m, 11 d
Wellhouse,Hendriena 5B/4 old d. Jan 16, 1872; 79 y, 1 m, 10 d
Wellhousen, John 1C/1 blank  
Ypes, Dr. E. 5C/2 old 20 Mar 1803-21 Apr 1875
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