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Town of Ashford, Fond du Lac County



  A village on the C. & N. W. Ry. in Ashford township, Fond du Lac county, 16 miles southeast of Fond du Lac, the county seat and banking point. Stage daily to New Castle [sic], Waucousta, Dundee, New Prospect, Wayne, St. Kilian and Ashford. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Population 400. James McCullough, postmaster.

Becklinger John, furn and undertaker.
Boeckler M R, C & N W Ry fr agt.
Campbell Stuart, real estate
Campbellsport Cornet Band, P A Hoffman ldr.
Damm Philip, saloon.
Degenhardt Bros, hotel and livery.
Durand & Paas, Drugs, Paints and Stationery.
Ebert C A, mason.
Ebert C F, blacksmith.
Excelsior Creamery Co.
Farrell Michael, live stock.
Findelson F M, grain elevator.
Grimminger, carpenter.
Grissman Charles, cigar mnfr.
Guenther Philip, saloon.
Hafner August, blacksmith.
Hansom C C, justice.
Helmer M E, grocer.
Hill Charles, carpet weaver.
Hoffmann P A Physician
Ketter John, carpenter.
Klotz I, farm implements.
Kohler Lorenz, gen store and shoemaker.
McCullough Bros, General Store
McCullough James, grain elevator
McCullough, O'Brien & Orvis, real estate.
Martin E F, lumber and planing mill.
Matteson Jay, painter.
Meichenspeiger Joseph, meats.
Michaels N C, farm implements.
O'Brien P & C, hotel and hall.
Orvis E J, physician.
Paas John H, notary public.
Paull A S, railroad and exp agt.
Peck Mrs B H, milliner and dressmkr.
Pesch Adam, wheelwright.
Piehl Frederick, tailor.
Rhodes Leland, pump mnfr.
Richter Bros, harnessmakers.
Riesler Ernest, mason.
Sackett H F, cheese mnfr.
Saeman, Loebs & Knickel, General Store.
Schimmelpfennig Henry, saloon.
Schlaefer Jacob, jeweler.
Schlaefer Joseph, builder.
Schmidt John C, musical instruments.
Schmitt J P, cheese box mnfr.
Smith J V, mason.
Stone Rev H D (Methodist)
Strobel Eli, boots and shoes.
Theisen Wm, blacksmith.
Ulrich Bernard, cigar mnfr.
Van Dezande Charles, photogr and barber.
Wedde Wm, hardware.
Wenzel Henry, furniture.
Wicker T F, hardware.
Yankow Frederick, live stock.

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