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Town of Auburn, Fond du Lac County



  Located on the Milwaukee river, 1/2 mile from Campbellsport, on the C. & N. W. Ry., in Auburn township, Fond du Lac county, 42 miles northwest of Milwaukee, and 16 southeast of Fond du Lac, the county seat. Banking facilities at Fond du Lac and at West Bend, 14 miles distant. Stages daily to Waucousta, Dundee and New Prospect. Population, 500. Mail daily. John F. Husting, postmaster.

Cahill M, saloon.
Caniff R C, carpet weaver.
Deidrich Fred, hardware.
Deiringer H, blacksmith.
Eagle Hotel, Murray & Naughton proprs.
Falls Wm E, vet surgeon.
Fick Henry, cheese mnfr.
Findelsen F M, General Store.
Gaul Peter, mer tailor.
Glass Carl J, harnessmaker.
Hecker Rev J C (German REformed).
Heller Rev F (Catholic).
Herbert M, saloon.
Husting John P, Brewers' Agent.
Krembs & Schulten, milliners.
Kuehl H, merchant tailor.
Leibel H, wagonmaker.
Lippert John A, saloon.
Miller Rev A T (Baptist).
Murray & Naughton, proprs Eagle Hotel.
O'Brien Wm, saloon.
Paull A S, railroad and exp agt.
Pool Wm jr, general store.
Schleif Louis, boots and shoes.
Schneider Casper, cooper.
Schneider John, cooper.
Thompson James S, saw mill.
Westenberger John, meats.
Yancey & Dyer, flour mill.
Zimmerman Rudolph, physician.



  Population 500. Located on the Milwaukee river, 3/4 mile from Campbellsport, on the C. & N. W. Ry., in Auburn township, Fond du Lac county, 48 miles northwest of Milwaukee and 17 southeast of Fond du Lac, the judicial seat. Banking facilities at Campbellsport. Has Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Reformed churches. Telephone connection. Wm. Pool, postmaster.

Beals Otto, farm machinery
Biesbier & Jaeger, general store
Eagle Hotel, Adolph Flitter propr
Fick Theo, cheese mnfr
Hafner Aug, blacksmith and wagonmkr
Jaeger Michael, farm machinery
POOL WM, General Store
Smith R A, grist mill
West Bend Brewing Co
Wondra Herman, cheese mnfr
Worden Wm M, soda water mnfr
Wright J W, veterinary surgeon

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